Hydrologic Discovery Through Physical Analysis - Honoring the Scientific Legacies of

Wilfried H. Brutsaert and Jean-Yves Parlange


We look forward to seeing you at Cornell University for the Brutsaert - Parlange Hydrologic meeting. The meeting will be hosted by Civil and Environmental Engineering and Biological and Environmental Engineering, and held at the Physical Sciences Building on Cornell University campus from Monday morning, May 14th - Tuesday evening, May 15th, 2012. On May 16th, there will be informal groups going to local sites to hike and do a fun-run.

The long research careers of Dr. Parlange and Dr. Brutsaert in hydrology provides an occasion to inspire a younger generation of scientists in advancing science. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to discuss both the theories developed and the research methods employed by these two individuals and to make them more available to a broader group of scientists researching the ecological hydrosphere.

The symposium will be held on May 14-15, 2012 in Ithaca, NY on the Cornell Campus, starting early the first day and ending late on the second day. During the symposium, hydrological scientists of all ages will meet to advance research in a new branch of hydrology based on long-established principles from the physical hydrology field. Thus, the symposium is not a passing of the torch but rather kindling and stoking the fire of discovery in the service of humanity’s sustainable and efficient interaction with the hydrosphere.

Each session will be 45 minutes, typically with two 45-minute sessions combined into a 90-minute session. The session topics identified are all those in which Brutsaert and Parlange have made significant advances: turbulence in ABL, atmospheric radiation, evaporation, erosion, open channels, instability and fluid mechanics, infiltration, Boussinesq and runoff relationships, and hysteresis and thermodynamics.

As a workshop product, a special section of Water Resources Research (WRR) will be published (see tab on homepage). Review articles will be published on the topics identified above.  All are invited to contribute short articles that build upon any of the review articles. All contributions will be subject to standard WRR peer-review.

The intellectual merit of this symposium is to inspire young scientists of using well-established theories in physical hydrology for advances in the ecological hydrosphere.

The broader impacts are significant and long lasting.  In view of the expected water shortages in the world, this symposium will contribute to a better understanding of how to manage existing water resources.

Information regarding registration times and locations, as well as additional conference information, will be available here as the date approaches.




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Many of the local hotels offer a shuttle to and from the Cornell campus. Directions to the Cornell campus and a detailed map of the campus are available here. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like any clarifications.

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